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Hi. Have a lodge in Zimbabwe, uses around 10Kw. How many of your units would we need? And how much per unit? [ Thank you Allen for contacting us. Our units are still in development - we estimate you might need 16. They are planned to function individually, and linked together. Production costs have not yet been established. Please contact, we welcome the opportunity to evaluate your needs - Gensolaria Admin]


1 AC,1 fridge,6 fans,1 pump,6 bulbs, washing machine. What will be the cost???? [Thank you for your comment. You may need 10 of the Gensolaria units, they output about 600 watts each, and they are designed to be connected together. They are not yet in production , but we hope that they will be around $500 USD - Admin. ]


Power issue remain so bad in my area. Phone charging, photography business mostly operates in the day with Generator most of the time. Thus,wasting fuel and the available sunshine. This product will serve as all in one. Shade,power. [Thank you for your comments Umar Uba, they make a lot of sense - could you tell us what region you are in?]

 Seedy njie


For home and domestic use. [Thank you - Gensolaria admin]

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